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Radiesse (1×1.5ml)

Buy Radiesse (1×1.5ml) online. Pharmatopias is a famous manufacturer of aesthetic medicine goods well-known among beauticians worldwide. One of its


RADIESSE 1.5ml lidocaine is a product that consists of reshaping the face and defining its contours. A Radiesse injection consists of an injectable micro-implant made of micro-spheres of CaHA or calcium hydroxyapatite which act effectively within a biodegradable aqueous (liquid) gel. This game-changing dermal filler allows you to reshape and revitalize your clients’ faces, unlocking new revenue streams and ensuring their lasting satisfaction.


How can I buy Radiesse 3ml online? Buy RADIESSE® 3ML online. RADIESSE 3ml reshapes and fills the face. Radiesse consists of

Revanesse Pure with Lidocaine (2x1ml)

Buy Revanesse Pure online. Revanesse Pure with Lidocaine (2x1ml) for sale online Revanesse is a world-known brand of cosmetic injectables.